MUSIC ART & FASHION / by Theon Phokeerdoss

When I get bored I get creative. I constantly have ideas running through my head and the only way to let it all out is by creating. They said one day I would have to choose between Art and Music but Ive never been one to listen. So I pursued both paths because I don't believe you should ever stop doing something you love. You do it because you love it and everything else is a bonus. After graduating from my Interior Architecture degree I felt hunger to find my own artistic style because I didn't want to study anymore more and wanted to do my own thing. I believe in talent but I also think its mainly about time and dedication because without this nothing will ever grow and develop. I have always been interested in things that are weird, different and unique and i guess the fascination leads to my physical represent. I don't choose to dress the way I do for attention, it just happens to be that what I like attracts attention. Im only doing what I want to to by pushing myself and the boundaries to always try something new or wear something different. Ive learnt a lot about myself through this process and it just isn't fun playing it safe. I want to be bold and brave, because at the end of the day those that matter wont mind, and those mind wont matter mind.