“For me painting is therapy, the whole world disappears and I get lost in the creation and completion of my work. ”

 — Fantastic Mr Marcel , of The Expressive Collective —

I was inspired by Walt Disney movies at a very young age. I started drawing Disney Cartoon characters and this helped to build my confidence as a young artist.

As a teenager I was facinated by comic books and manga art, this changed the kind of sketches I created an artist. 

I was heavy influenced by storylines, action and superhero's. Over time I became captivated by superhero's and always wanted to be one. It was during this time I began to began to, express in a way that demonstrated my personal style and identify my artistic signature. Motivated by my love for art I completed my A Levels, followed by my foundation degree in Art, from London Metropolitan University and a degree in Interior Architecture.  

These qualification exposed me to the history of Art, to the likes of Monet, Freud, Marcel Duchamp, Gainsborough and his gang of predecessors.

With a deeper understanding of art and artists I harnessed my creativity. I spent a lot of time researching present day unknown artist to further expose me to new ideas. This lead me to an artist community website where like-minded artist designed and customised shoes. 

The work of FANTASTIC MR MARCEL was born, designing uniquely customised  handprinted shoes. I worked on different mediums from shoes, skateboard, graffiti on walls, to canvases, and anything that I could apply paint.

" I enjoy a challenge so my ideas and concepts are forever changing, every design is unique because of the way I experiment and work. I find this approach very refreshing as every design is tailored to suit the customers' commission. It allows me to diversify my work thinking outside the box and making all my ideas original giving the client the opportunity to bring their ideas into the creation  bringing it to life."




My Mission

To create individual pieces of art which, are engaging, inspiring at the same time and bringing to life an individuals personal idea and style.